• Sisters & Friends
    making a difference!
    Sigma Phi Gamma members believe that our local communities need our helping
    hands. We provide that helping hands in two ways. One is by raising money to help
    local charities, secondly by giving of our time. We know, the more we give to others,
    the more pride we have in being a member of our communities.
  • Sigma Phi Gamma Friendships

    One of the greatest reasons for membership in Sigma Phi Gamma
    is the life-long friendships created. Through our community service,
    we grow close to our sisters. In happy times and difficult times,
    we share Friendship, Service and Community with the women who
    make up all the chapters throughout the United States and Canada.

    • We are the women of Sigma Phi
      Gamma, proud to give back to
      our communities.


We are women of all ages and circumstances, single, married, widowed and divorced, living throughout the United States and Canada. Some of us have small children, some have grandchildren and even a few great-grandchildren.

Circle of Friendship!

Sigma Phi Gamma had five Life Founders who knew that a foundation of friendship, service, and community would bring and keep women together. Now, 100 years later, their vision and passion remains strong. We welcome new members every single day.

If Sigma Phi Gamma sounds like the right fit for you – joining other women in friendship and service – we have local Chapters throughout the United States and Canada. Let us put you in contact with a member near you. You won’t regret the opportunity to connect!


Together we do more!

At the Province level, multiple local Chapters come together to provide assistance annually to a regional charity. At the International level, (all Chapters in the United States and Canada), we support a variety of charities. During 2015 & 2016 our membership selected the Foundation Fighting Blindness as our focus. A new International Service Project is selected by the membership every two years.


Sigma Phi Gamma is organized by local Chapters, which are grouped into regional areas called Provinces throughout the United States and Canada. Through our Chapters, we are able to volunteer together to assist families and organizations in the areas where we live. There is no greater feeling than knowing YOU made a positive difference for families in your community.

Sisters' Scrapbook


Nothing is more fun than reminiscing about the fun times we have shared within our Chapters.  Looking at our memories of friendship and community service reminds us of the privilege we share with other members and our community.  

Between our chapter meetings, group socials and our community service work, there are smiles of joy on the faces of our sisters for this wonderful women's organization.  Take a few minutes and enjoy the memories we've posted in our Sisters' Scrapbook. We will continue to add new pictures on a regular basis, so please, come back often and 'visit with us!'

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Xi gamma Chapter

Dinner & Enjoying Holiday

Epsilon chapter


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Welcome to the Sigma Phi Gamma International Sorority website! Our organization is 100 years old and we’re ready to celebrate this momentous anniversary in just a couple of years.

Our rich history began with the vision of five young women in Hartford City, Indiana. Phyllis, Edith, Ferne, Irene, and Violet created an organization of women dedicated to helping others while building life-long friendships. Today, as in our beginning, our membership is dedicated to making this world a better place, one life at a time through friendship, service to those less fortunate, and charitable giving in our communities.


We are the proud women of Sigma Phi Gamma. Do you share our ideals of friendship, service and community? Contact us today, and become part of our future! 

To promote true Friendship among women throughout the world.

To work for higher standards among young people.

To perform service work whenever and wherever possible.

Organizations We Support through Charitable Work


We are a sisterhood of friends with diversified backgrounds, but common goals. We care! We build each other up, cheer each other on, and hold each other close during difficult times. We work side-by-side, and may live miles apart. We are super busy, but we always have time to give an encouraging word as we each face the adventure called 'life.' We connect through our local Chapters, phone, email, meetings, special occasions, socials, and social media. We are all ages, religions, and political views, but when we are together, everything blends together for a greater purpose.


The greatest gift our membership offers is friendship. Whether it is that first meeting of the women in your geographic area, or all the members you will meet at your first Province meeting, life-long friendship is waiting for you. Women are so busy with family, children, and careers that sometimes, we forget that WE MATTER too! Sigma Phi Gamma offers you the opportunity to connect and create friendships that would not be available any other way. Combine these friendships through a group of women dedicated to making the world a better place and you have something truly special.


Community service ranges from things as simple as writing a greeting card to seniors at the local hospital to wrapping gifts, serving meals at a food bank, delivering cheer at a nursing home or children's hospital. Community service is an important part of our purpose. Each member has unique talents, which she can contribute to help others. Maybe your talent is music, baking, sewing, compassion, writing, drawing, or quilting. Whatever your skills, as a member, you will have an opportunity to share those with others. In the process you will also learn from other members. It’s a win-win! We all come together, with a common goal: friendship, service, and community. Sigma Phi Gamma just might be the organization for you. If your interest is peaked, contact us today.

  • 1920
  • First Meeting
  • 1925
  • 1st Convention
  • 1995
  • 75th Anniversary
  • 2020